Azita Ganji

Obituary of Azita Ganji

Azita Ganji, a longtime resident of Sea Cliff, New York, passed away on April 17, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. Her husband and two sisters were by her side. Azita was born to Houshang Ganji and Farokhtaj Reis Danai in Ahvaz, Iran on April 23, 1957. She attended Omid elementary school, Vafa high school, and New York Institution of Technology. She was an exceptionally gifted artist, an accomplished architect, and above all else a loving wife, daughter, sister, family member, and friend.

At a young age, Azita exhibited remarkable artistic talent as an imaginative painter and a deep love of the outdoors as a devoted girl scout. Her passions for life, art, and nature stayed with her into adulthood and are best reflected in her unique series of paintings, some of which can be viewed at Azita dedicated her professional life as an architect to the design and construction of numerous public buildings. She was a project officer with the New York City School Construction Authority, overseeing development of IS #5, PS #16, and IS #73. She also helped develop a number of other structures, including medical centers, condominiums, and Terminal C at LaGuardia Airport. She viewed her art and career as closely related, and through both she saw a deeper purpose: “With Art, I study the mind and emotions; with Architecture, I create the space for the minds and emotions.”

Azita is survived by her husband, Jack Madura, her parents, two sisters, several other relatives, and many friends.