Julia Poulopoulos

Obituary of Julia Poulopoulos

Julia Poulopoulos was born April 15, 1930 to Vasilios and Olga Perdiki in America but lived in Europe until she was 19. Julia lost her father when she was a newborn and lost her mother Olga at a young age. She was very close to her mother Olga and her older sister Maria. Julia came back to America with her sister Maria in 1949. Julia was extremely patriotic and loved being an American. Julia also was very proud of her Greek heritage and devoted to her Greek Orthodox faith.

Julia spoke five languages, loved history and poetry and was well-educated for a woman in her time period. She married and had two children John and Christina. Her son John is a well-respected professor with several Ivy league degrees and has inherited his mother’s love of history and thirst for knowledge.

Julia was so delighted when Christina married Thomas Patilis. Christina and Tom have two children Julia and Andrew. Julia was named after her grandmother Julia. YiaYia Julia felt being a mother and grandmother were the most important things in her life and nothing else could compare to these relationships. She loved being with her grandchildren Julia and Andrew cooking them their favorite meals, reading to them, playing games and sharing Greek traditions.

Julia Poulopoulos was a kind and gentle soul who always spoke kindly of others and always taught her children and grandchildren to respect and forgive others. Although she faced many hardships in her life including losing her parents at a very young age, raising her kids as a single mother and dire poverty, Julia was always optimistic and kept her faith. The last few years were also very difficult when she succumbed to dementia. However, although the dementia took its toll there was always a sparkle in her eyes whenever she saw her beloved grandchildren Julia and Andrew.

She will be deeply missed by her family and friends and may she rest in peace.