Amanda Beatrice Rose Gray

On January 11th, Amanda Gray's family lost a part of its heart. Amanda was a profoundly devoted daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend. She loved deeply, and she loved hard. Once you had the esteem of Amanda, her loyalty was fierce and her affection generous -- she sought wisdom in her grandparents and took joy in the smallest of children.


Amanda was like a fire, burning bright, hot and wild. Anyone who got close to her felt it; warm and mesmerizing. She saw the world bigger than most people see it. She saw adventure in everything; she was bold and fearless to any challenge and fought hard with the unwavering support and devotion of her mother, father, brother, and her larger extended family. Those who knew and loved Amanda take solace in the belief that she now knows peace in Heaven.


Amanda suffered acute mental illness, brought on by a disconnection between the holiness in her heart and the anguish in the world, and sought refuge in drug abuse to quell her affliction. Amanda’s suffering rooted in her innate desire to help others, even at the risk of her own well-being. Regardless the weight of the cross she bore, Amanda had such incomprehensible strength that she never hesitated to bear an even heavier cross in the name of alleviating the pain of another. The tax of her blessing meant that her physical body could not be long for this earth in order that her purity and strength may also transcend the bonds of the physical body.


In her suffering, Amanda may have appeared to be lost to those that could not understand her position, but her unwavering faith and devotion to carrying out God’s love was never lost for a moment – her closeness to God and His word in the face of such torment is what allows her spirit to conquer death, in Heaven and on earth.



Amanda is survived by her mother, Nancy, her father, Michael, and brother, Declan, as well as all her beloved extended family: Grandma Gray, the Przybylowskis, Patsy, Robyn, and the girls, the Matlagas, the Van der Lists, Ann and Finn, and the Koszas on Michael’s side, as well as the Sullivans, the Englishs, the Dunnigans, the O’Neills, and Aunt Betty on Nancy’s side. Amanda is also survived by her cherished pets: Crixus, Shadow, Buttercup, Archer, and Lucky (Snooki).


The following is a link to the GoFundMe page made in Amanda’s honor:

In keeping with her abundance of love and passion for life, Amanda was a passionate defender of all life, from the innocence in the womb, to those struggling with lives most challenging suffering.

Amanda’s family requests that her memory be honored by the support of her most passionate cause, protection of the unborn.


  1. You may donate, in her name, to the following;

St. Mary’s Parish. Please write “RIGHT TO LIFE – Amanda Gray” on the memo line

  1. Alternatively, you can donate to the following: